Pioneering research

Current research projects

With help and agreement from patients, research at the Royal Free investigates the fundamental causes of PID, the complications and the long term management of these lifelong diseases. Each month we will provide an update of an ongoing research project on PID at the Royal Free (see list below). Current projects: 

  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in PID
  2. UKPIN /ESID registry (long term accumulation of clinical data in a Registry) family study (to help identify genetic defects causing PID)
  3. Prion study (long term national study to assess risk of patients being ‘infected’ by prions in blood products)
  4. JMF qol study (measuring improvements in quality of life after immunoglobulin therapy)
  5. CGD studies (investigating chemical interactions in cells from CGD patients)
  6. BioResource study (collecting DNA from patients to search for new genetic causes of PID).
  7. STILPAD Study ( multi-centre EU study documenting the effect of various treatments on lung inflammation in PID)
  8. Gammatrack - an observational study on the effects of regular Octagam infusions.
  9. Grifols observational study on effects of regular Flebogamma
  10. Respiratory study (diagnosing and monitoring types of lung infection)
  11. CMV study (investigating the role of cytomegalovirus in bowel and liver inflammation )
  12. Liver study (testing whether toxins from the bowel can cause liver disease in PID)