PID in the media

RFH Immune deficiency on BBC Radio Four - October 2014

Immune deficiency was the topic main on BBC Radio 4's Inside Health on 7/8 October.

Our chairman Jose Drabwell described the illnesses she suffered until she was diagnosed in her late 40s. After treatment started she was well within three months.

Clinical lead Dr Siobhan Burns described how this rare and important diagnosis is often missed, and lack of treatment causes endless infections -- plus damage including irreversible lung scarring. She gave an easily-understood explanation of how the immune system works. Patient usually have a normal white blood count, but doctors rarely ask for antibody measurement even though the test is cheap. She then descrived what treatment entails.

specialist nurse Andrew Symes spoke about how his patients told him about having years of infections before they were diagnosed.

You can listen to the programme for a year - that is, until October 2015 - by clicking on this link:

The item starts 10 minutes into this 25-min programme, and lasts for 12 minutes.

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